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14k Gold - Map of Israel Pendant
14k Gold - Map of Israel Pendant

14k Gold - Map of Israel Pendant

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14k Gold - Map of Israel Pendant

This beautiful gold pendant features an outline of the Land of Israel, with the Dead Sea and Sea of Galilee marked in gold. 

It is a land that the Lord your God seeks out; the eyes of the Lord your God, are always upon it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Deuteronomy 11:12.

A tiny country in an enormous world. A tiny country with enormous significance. An elegant pendant to show your love for the land of Israel. Made with 14K gold with an option for a matt finish, or shiny. This piece rightfully presents the land of milk and honey in brilliant gold.  This pendant will make a meaningful gift to someone who loves Ertz Israel. made in Israel by Estee Brook.  Available in yellow, white, or rose gold

This pendant is available with a gold chain for an additional cost. (see option)


14k Gold


Wide: 10.2 mm