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Design Your Engagement Ring

 “A piece of goldsmith work needs not necessary be expansive, it is the style the design the form, that will give the grace and the refinement, which will give one Joy or pleasure.”   Carlo Giuliano 1831-1835 
Interested in designing your own engagement ring? Our Diamond Experts can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind engagement ring that uniquely reflects your love and taste. Together we’ll draw inspiration from your personal style, with our large assortment of diamonds, to design the perfect ring. Schedule a one-on-one consultation at Estee Brook Butique Shop.   Book an appoitment below. 
Contrary to most designers, I do not really sketch the model.  I directly have my version of the form in my mind and I draw it in 3D CAD Rhino software program.  I find it advantages to work with a 3D model than a drawing.

After completing the drawing, comes the most important part for me: prototyping. I test the design by printing it with my own 3D printer, and for some designs, I do at least 3-5 prototypes in order to find the correct thickness, strength, comfort, fluent form to accommodate my clients.

With 3D printing it’s possible to manufacture very detailed, complex designs that may not be possible or would be very hard and time-consuming to be made by other traditional methods.